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I hate you , you hate me.
Gas Rag - Beats Off LP on gold limited to 200 #gasrag
Jesus died for his own sins. Not mine. 📷 by @mikerhancock #charliethewienerdog
Permanent Ruin - San Jose #homieshit @supreme_nothing
I was sick and didn’t want to go anywhere for record store day. This is the only record I really wanted. Paranorman soundtrack on glow in the dark vinyl from @mondotees they only had three at stink weeds. Shout out to @delruss for picking this up for me. #paranorman #mondo #glowinthedark
American Hate
Another Lana Del Rey post. #llamadelrey #lanadelrey
I hate the dentist. Swollen & numb.
@monono18 💅💅 #ratchet
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